Wooden Windows Frames

We can look back on more than 25 years of cooperation with UNILUX, the German window and door manufacturer.

The classic wooden window frames are available in 3 tough woods (pine, larch, exotic woods) and in 3 designs (slanted, round, rustic). There are 180 opaque colours and 9 translucent colours available for reliable UV protection.

UNILUX windows have double insulated glazing as standard; however you have the choice between triple insulated glazing or thermoglass. Safety glass and security fittings are also available on request as a SAFE packet.

We also cooperate with the German master craftsmen window and door company (Fenster und Türen Manufaktur) to implement individual customer projects.

This company specialises in producing windows and doors aligned to the requirements and ideas of the customer with creativity and top quality demands.

The window and door company delivers the right solution depending on the style of the house – whether new build or retaining the architectural tradition of older buildings.