PVC - Windows & Doors

We have long been a distribution partner for FINSTRAL which has been active on the Portuguese market for more than 20 years.

This experience guarantees you window and door systems of top quality and with unparalleled customer service.

FINSTRAL windows and doors are manufactured according to the customer’s individual requirements in dimensions, characteristics and function.
The range of products features:

- A very long service life of the elements
- Particularly good resistance to weathering and UV
- Excellent noise absorption and thermal insulation
- Effective sun protection
- A high level of protection against burglary
- A very good value for money
- A wide system range
- A wide range of applications both in new builds and in renovations
- Design freedom in the selection of shapes, colours and accessories

The FINSTRAL range includes profiles with the (AD) compression seal and (MD) central seal system. The window most frequently installed with central seal system, 200/Top 72, provides the following benefits:

1. Thermal insulation:
The 7-chamber structure of the sash profile ensures outstanding thermal insulation (Uf1, 2 W/m²K).
Very high thermal insulation values are achieved by the 5-chamber frame system in combination with the central seal; this reduces heating costs in winter and heat penetration in summer

2. Sealed against wind and driving rain:
The central seal connected to the central spacer makes the windows airtight and prevent water and moisture entering
The rain deflection seal prevents water penetration particularly in the case of  driving rain

3. Protection against sunlight and heat:
Special sunlight protection glazing serves as an effective shield against sunlight and filters heat from outside.
Double or triple sunlight protection glazing filled with argon gas in an additional thermal insulation

4. Acoustic insulation
The standard windows and doors from FINSTRAL have very high tightness with excellent acoustic insulation. Optional special glazing and a third seal can achieve even greater acoustic insulation.

5. Security:
Even the basic elements have 2-point security fittings, solid locking parts and the fittings are screwed securely into steel profiles to ensure greater burglary resistance. And there are further security packages available.

6. Tested and certified quality:
FINSTRAL stands for the undisputed quality of all the elements recognised with international seals of approval for the selection of high-quality materials, corresponding production processes, professional fitting as well as reliable service and warranties.

Further information on FINSTRAL windows and front doors is available in several languages at: